Start saving hundreds of dollars a month from your communications budget for your small business.

Go Free Range and get More for Less.

free 100% range
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1. Use the Free Range Wireless portal to setup a new Business Number or use an existing number.
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2. Download the App
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3. Go Free Range - make and receive calls or texts from your mobile.
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4. Start Saving

Your Mobile Phone for Business

With the Free Range Wireless service, our easy to use app for Android and iPhone helps you to have a Business Identity while using your personal mobile phone. To maintain that work/life balance we have features like Do Not Disturb and Business Messaging, which allow you to receive calls and texts when and where you're available.

See, you can take a business call from your personal device while you're waiting on your latte, or picking kids up from school or simply send it to your business voicemail when you like.

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Virtual Assistant

Sometimes it's just not possible to answer every incoming call. In those cases, Free Range's Virtual Assistant can answer for you. Set up your own personalized greeting and route your calls accordingly:

"Thanks for calling Jim's Jumpin' Hotdog Stand. Press '1' for Sales, '2' for the company directory, '3' to hear today's specials or '4' to leave a message."

It will be the best assistant you've ever had ... we promise.

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Choose your location and Business Number

Choose one main number for your business, allowing short code extensions for employees or allocate individual numbers for each employee. Numbers can be provided with an area code local to the business or in any U.S. city, to give the appearance of a local presence. Numbers can be selected for most US cities. In addition, numbers can also be transferred or ported to our service, if you have an existing number you prefer to use.

Or if you want to show your business in the sunny beaches of Florida, we can do that too.

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Business Voicemail

Each employee can have their own Voicemail box with a customized greeting. You will be notified of a waiting voicemail through the Free Range app on your mobile. Voicemails can be retrieved at any time from any location.

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Business Messaging

All Free Range numbers come text enabled so you can receive text messages sent to your business number and can respond using your business number.

You're advertising your business number to potential customers but some of those customers prefer to communicate via text (some think that's the only way to communicate).

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No Equipment to Install. Just a Simple App For Your Personal Phone

Our service is run from state of the art data centers with redundant everything, you can sleep easy at night knowing your phone system will always be there for you. Just download the Free Range app to your iPhone or Android device, and you're ready to go.

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